Stacy Judah MFT

Stacy Judah MFT, has been working as a clinician for over 20 years. She is the founder of Helm Counseling located in Hayward California. 

Stacy specializes in working with children and couples at the Historic Linekin Building located in Hayward California, on Saturdays.

Stacy works with individuals online, on Mondays. Online treatment focus includes : anxiety and depression, the effects of trauma, and relationship conflicts. 

Clinician's at Helm Counseling work with clients using experiential, cognitive behavioral, transpersonal, and psychodynamic approaches.

"As I reflect on my professional experience for the past twenty years working in the clinical field, several insights emerge for me. I have worked with women who were experiencing incarceration. I have worked with dually diagnosed populations including:  developmentally delayed and the chemically dependent. I have worked extensively in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. I have professionally served the elderly, and I am currently serving the counseling needs of children and their families. The successful facilitation of groups with the mentally ill for the past twenty years has resulted in a beneficial and mutually rewarding outcome for my clients and myself. I strive to provide a best practice base for clients in need of holistic answers."

What are MFT's?

Marriage and family therapists MFT's are licensed mental health professionals who work with individuals; couples whether married or not; and families of all types. MFT's are required to have 3,000 hours of supervised experience following a Maters degree. 

The Decision to Start Therapy

The decision to start therapy with a licensed professional is like setting out on an expedition to both rediscover old territories and to discover new territories. One set of questions therapy asks: 

  • "What is it like to be me now?"
  • "How do my past experiences affect who I am today? "
  • "What is getting in my way; preventing me from being the person I feel I can be?"